Google’s Startup for Sustainable Development Program   Recently updated !

We are thrilled to announce that Goenvi Technologies, a chemical recycling company focused on sustainable waste management solutions, has been selected for Google’s Startup for Sustainable Development Program. This program is designed to support innovative startups that are working towards creating a more sustainable future. As a chemical recycling company, […]

Climate Launchpad 2019

#ClimateCollectiveFinalsWestThank you for the opportunity. Our vision is to contribute towards reducing the global plastic problem and reduce the carbon emission due to plastic pollution on land and oceans. #wastereduction#pyrolysis#plasticpollution

Portable Pyrolysis Plant

We are happy to share this new development with everyone. We have built a compact pyrolysis plant that can be taken to site and process all type of feedstock like Rubber, Tyre Shreds, Plastics, Plastic Laminates, Aluminium foil reclaiming MSW, Wood, Oil Sludge, E-waste etc.. The plant performance is consistent […]

Why plastic pyrolysis should have a defined process and proper identification of catalyst?

Off late many batch type Tyre pyrolysis plants have started using plastic in their rotary reactors. Shifting to plastic is a good idea but not without proper consultation. Plastics are not a standard product like tyre. There are different grades and the results vary with different mix. Plastics produce much […]

Profit Analysis of Plastic Pyrolysis Plant

A Pyrolysis Plant has a tremendous ROI. To demonstrate the same we are showing below how your investment will be paid  back in just couple of months after starting the plant. The below is a sample calculation.                 S.N  Other Contingent Expenses (per […]

Continuous or Batch Type Plastic Pyrolysis Plant

Continuous or Batch Type Plastic Pyrolysis Plant There are different types of pyrolysis plant available but can be divided in to three types. Continuous: You feed material on one side and remove carbon continuously from the other side Semi continuous: Where you fill the reactor with the raw material and […]

Design Consideration for Selection of Reactor for Pyrolysis Plants

Difference in pyrolysis reactor design and what you should look for? Most important ensure the material is 516 gr 70 This is the best material we can use for the budget target of 40 -50 lakhs. Ukraine made plates are the best. Coming to design, You have flat head or […]