Tyre to Plastic Pyrolysis Plant Conversion

Should a batch tyre plant be converted to waste plastic plant?   Hi everyone, Off late with the crude oil prices going down people want to try different and cheaper raw materials which will give them better yield. I would like to highlight few of the problems and concerns in […]

Explosion in Pyrolysis Plant

Following 3 factors are responsible for explosions in pyrolysis plants: The reactor will create methane, ethane, propane, butane and so on from the tires / plastic during heating. These gases should be prevented from re-entering the reactor. Leakage of Oxygen into the Reactor. Most Critical. Lack of Process Control. When […]

5th generation V/S 4th Generation Cooling Condensers in Pyrolysis Plant

Vertical condenser:  4th Generation Equipment Design length of pipe 1.5m, diameter of pipe 32mm, 57 pipes in each condenser, Cooling area= 3.14*0.032*1.5*57=8.59 sq.meter 5 vertical condensers cooling area is 42.95 sq.meter. Horizontal condenser: 5th Generation Design length of pipe 3m, diameter of pipe 48mm, 69 pipes in each. Cooling area= […]