Design Consideration for Selection of Reactor for Pyrolysis Plants

Difference in pyrolysis reactor design and what you should look for?

Most important ensure the material is 516 gr 70

This is the best material we can use for the budget target of 40 -50 lakhs. Ukraine made plates are the best.

Coming to design, You have flat head or cone ends and dish ends in reactor design today. dish end is curved cup type ends.

The difference is huge in terms of design & manufacturing but more on safety side.

Flat End Pyrolysis Reactor.


Flat End Pyrolysis Reactor

A flat end pyrolysis reactor can with stand only 1-2 bar pressure. The reactor life is less and leaks faster. This is the most economical to manufacture and hence promoted more by manufacturers.

Dish End Pyrolysis Reactor

Pyrolysis Reactor

Small Gear Dished end Pyrolysis Reactor


Dished end pyrolysis reactor can with stand close to 7 bar pressure. If you are a plant owner you would be aware that at times the gas formation is fast and sometimes we reach close to 1 bar pressure and with flat reactors it is very risky.

Secondly the transmission part i.e is use of big gears, some has bushes and then small gears as above pic.

External gear

Big Gear

bushtype reactor

Bush type Reactor

The most common type of reactor is Bush type reactors. It is cheaper to manufacture and hence pushed more by manufacturers especially in India. The bush starts wearing out and then it becomes a regular maintenance and more operational cost.

The Big gear type reactor, the tooth wear out soon and also in case of repairs the gear cannot be reused. The heat also makes the gear go out of shape. The gear is welded and cannot be removed. The torque and hence power required is more.

The small gear design is more easy to maintain. the torque required is less and hence saves power, The gear can be removed easily as it is on nut bolt and hence reusable after the life cycle of the old reactor.

The small gear dished end reactor is costlier to manufacture, safer to operate, and cheaper to run.

Also for handling plastic pyrolysis the dished end is very important as it can handle more gas pressure.


For entrepreneurs invest in a safe plant and don’t run after cheap plants as the investment will be gone in a fraction if it fails.