Profit Analysis

DOLLARA Pyrolysis Plant has a tremendous ROI. To demonstrate the same we are showing below how your investment will be paid  back in just couple of months after starting the plant. The below is a sample calculation.

S.N Other Contingent Expenses (per month) Amount (Rs.)USD
1 Postage and Stationery 200030.30
4Other consumables25000337.84
Total 11580002135.14
Utilities (per month) 
S.N SalaryAmount (Rs.)QtyAmount (Rs.)USD
1Manager 20000120000270.27
3Semiskilled Workers12000560000810.81
Total 21100001486.49
Raw Material Per Month
S.NDescriptionWt per DayDaysRate Per KgAmount (Rs.)USD
1Waste plastic70002210154000020810.81
2pyrolysis oil60022273564004816.22
3Power ( in KW)2022773920998.92
Total 3243232032869.19
Amount (Rs.)USD
ATotal of Expense270032036490.81
Product Turnover per month
S.NDescriptionWt  Per dayPercentageRate DaysAmount (Rs.)USD
1Fuel Oil700050%35 / litre22269500036418.92
2Carbon black700030%1.5/Kg2269300936.49
3Tipping Fee2200.00
BTotal Revenue from Product276430037355.41
Profit Per MonthAmount (Rs.)USD
 Profit = A-B63980864.59
Profit Per annum at 10 months per year6398008645.95
The above analysis and calculation show that it shall be beneficial both to the country and civilians to extract carbon and rubber oil from scrap rubber. It is feasible in terms of technique, with advantages of small investment, easy raw material, rapid recovery and favorable prospect; therefore, it is an optimal choice to invest.