Why plastic pyrolysis should have a defined process and proper identification of catalyst?

Plastic oil from PP-PE mixOff late many batch type Tyre pyrolysis plants have started using plastic in their rotary reactors. Shifting to plastic is a good idea but not without proper consultation. Plastics are not a standard product like tyre. There are different grades and the results vary with different mix. Plastics produce much more gas as compared to tyre so the machine should be thoroughly inspected before use of plastic.

The oil quality with out catalyst is very poor with a mix of different densities and lot of wax. This wax can choke your condensers. You have to identify the right mix of catalyst that can reduce the wax formation. The catalyst can reduce the process temperature, change the oil colour to red or yellowish and produce higher yields.The design of catalyst chamber and refluxing of vapours is necessary for reduction of waxes. The lines and condensers also play a huge role in yield.

This is what a consultation can cover

We can support you completely in using plastic in the batch type machine.
1. How to set up a small laboratory?
2. How to do labscale testing to have an approximation of the yield you can get from the sample to ensure you will make profit?
3. How to identify catalyst that can increase yield and also reduce wax and heavier fraction?
4. What modifications will be needed to make the process energy efficient?
5. What technology upgrades to make the process environmentally friendly?
6.How to select the best raw material without making loss?
7. Setting the process and training your operator.
8. How to target direct customers and the procedure to do so?
And many more…
The oil is saleable only if it is of good quality.
Plastic Pyrolysis oil