Tyre to Plastic Pyrolysis Plant Conversion

Should a batch tyre plant be converted to waste plastic plant?

Hi everyone,
Off late with the crude oil prices going down people want to try different and cheaper raw materials which will give them better yield.
I would like to highlight few of the problems and concerns in doing this.

1. The reactor should not have bulged out by use at higher temperatures.
2. There have been instances where trials have gone bad and in couple of batches the reactor starts leaking due to the excess pressure generated during the plastic process.
3. Plastic is not a standard raw material so you cannot depend on your labour to take batches like you do with tires.
4. Before buying a plastic raw material you need to test the yield at your company to save yourself from loosing money for eg if someone tells u it is a 80% yield material and you buy it at Rs.15/kg and it turns out to be a 30% scrap then u r in huge loss.
5. plants with flat end reactor or conical outlet should avoid doing this as it is designed to handle low pressures (1-2kg)
6. Dishend reactors are better suited for this conversion.
7. Modifications are done by any contractors who can do some basic fabrication. Batch plants usually let any labour to weld reactors, do repairing. Select trained and knowledgeable team. This is very critical to ensure safety and proper life of the repair or modification.
8. Proper shell and tube condenser is required for handling plastic and plants with the pond type condenser should avoid or add condensers to ensure proper yield.
9. Selection of proper catalyst is also very important.
10. Wax Formation and Choking of condenser is a common issue and you have to clean the condensers and lines regularly.
11. Process needs more control so people using wood should switch over to oil burners preferably automatic ones.
12. Apart from reactor, the other equipments in line should be able to handle excess gas pressure.

13. Most important :
When converting a plant or even considering this shift, make sure you know the company/consultant is a qualified engineer with proper knowledge of mechanical design and process .

If you are able to get the plant converted then you have a very good oil that can be sold in litres at much higher rates than tyre oil. The profitabily is greatly increased.

All the best.